Saz Ab Kian Paad Co.

Saz Ab Kian Paad Co.

Performing entire lines of activities which include contracting, conducting required studies, providing technical and engineering services, performing design andexecuting civil projects including water, building, road, facilities and equipment particularly for dam construction, irrigation and drainage networks as well as road and tunnel projects.

​Saz Ab Kian Paad Company was registered in 2012 as a private joint stock company and as another one of Jahad Nasr Hamzeh Production and Construction Group subsidiary companies with the aim of conducting activities in the field of civil and engineering.

Through utilization of up to date knowledge as well as investing, designing and executing various civil projects such as water, soil, dam,construction and transmission lines and alsoby applying cutting edge construction technology and through optimal management of resources (human, financial, machinery, equipment, construction materials), Saz Ab Kian Paad Company intends to be recognized and introduced as a role model and knowledge-based company throughout the nation and across the region.