Caspian Kian Paad Co.

Caspian Kian Paad Co.

Perform all activities of study, consulting, design and implementation, dealing in aquatic affairs; setting up and operating aquaculture breeding centers, for breeding and culture of aquatic animals; breeding various types of fish and shrimp and other aquatic animals in pools and cages; construction and operation of industrial factories for sorting, packaging, processing and freezing in all fields related to corporate activity, conducting business affairs and establishing internal and external agencies to for export and import of all related entities, machinery, equipment and requirements related to the subject of company activities.

The Caspian Kian Pad Company was registered in 2011 as one of the subsidiary companies of Jahad Nasr Hamza Construction Production Group in aquaculture and as a Private Held Co. At present, the company is active in the production of caviar, sturgeon and shrimp and is recognized as the largest producer of caviar in the country and more than 95% of its production is exported to world markets.
The company's current plans include the establishment and operation of a caviar processing and packaging center, a shrimp packaging and processing center, a shrimp breeding center and the purchase of a sturgeon breeding complex.