About Us

Jahad Nasr Hamzeh Co. stablished on 1991 under the name of "Jahad Nasr" at north western part of country and then it was registered on 1999 as a private joint stock Co. and now it's more than 20 years that is continues activity in civil construction fields, Performing all contracting & studying activities, engineering, procurement and constructing services (EPC), also exporting technical & engineering services in all fields. including: hydraulics, transportation (road making), installations, equipments, building and housing services specifically dam and road making, urban development, tunnel, subway, and underground structures.
By benefiting from specialized & committed staff and 2 decades of executive experience we wish to use the modern knowledge, investment, design and different civil projects like hydro & earth, dam, road, transfer lines and building project and then by using the modern construction technology and resource optimum management (human & financial resources, machineries and equipments, materials) introduce our Company in Iran and the world as the model and knowledge-based Company.