Brief History
Jahad Nasr Hamzeh Company (JNH) began its activities in 1992 in the north western region of the country under the title Jahad Nasr and eight years later or in 2000 was officially registered as a private joint stock company. For the past twenty years JNH has been able to achieve great success in completing numerous projectsby reliance on a professional and committed team of personnel and also throughutilization of up to date knowledge as well as investing, designing and executing various civil projects such as water, soil, dam,construction and transmission lines. By using and applying cutting edge construction technology and through optimal management of resources, our company intends to remain active in the field of civil construction and development of the country and to be recognized and introduced as a role model and knowledge-based company throughout the nation and across the region.
Between 2011 and 2012 by diversifying its activities, this company succeeded in establishing and registering five subsidiary companies actively engaged in the fields of engineering and civil projects, aquaculture, industry and agriculture, housing development, export and associated services and therefore transferring itself into a holding company under the name Jahad Nasr Hamzeh Production and Construction Group.

Areas of Company Activity
Design and execution of civil and construction projects as design and implementation platforms for construction of roads, dams, tunnels, metro systems, housing developments, urban infrastructure facilities, water collection and water and sewage transfer networks,railroad infrastructures as well as other infrastructure projects,land preparation and levelling, aquaculture and export of various aquatic animals such as shrimp, trout and sturgeon and also investing and actively participating in different residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Company Shareholders
Currently more than 4500 indivisuals from Golestan, Semnan, Gilan, Mazandaran, Qazvin and Tehran provinces comprise shareholders of the company.