Mission and Prospect

Our company by reliance on a professional and committed team of personnel and over two decades of project execution experience and also by utilization of up to date knowledge as well as investing, designing and executing various civil projects such as water, soil, dam,construction and transmission lines and alsoby applying cutting edge construction technology and through optimal management of resources (human, financial, machinery, equipment, construction materials) intends to be recognized and introduced as a role model and knowledge-based company throughout the nation and across the globe. Through manufacturing we shall free our nation’s dependency and create jobs. We shall do our part by contributing to our nation’s prosperity through carrying out exports and thereby bringing in valuable foreign currency. We are performing our role well in providing our share of nation’s running costs and reducing its interdependency on oil by paying our rightful taxes. We strive to promote our effective partnership and cooperative role by yielding appropriate dividends on our stocks and dividing it among our shareholders in a timely manner.